Top 3 Reasons Construction Projects Fail

Top 3 Reasons Construction Projects Fail

Construction projects are epic in scope, materials, tools and equipment, and processes. There are so many moving parts, moving at different speeds and intervals, all needing to fit together in timing and process coordination. It’s easy to get derailed and often hard to recover.

Common Reasons Construction Projects Fail

Completing all your projects on time and with quality work is essential to your bottom line and future winning bids. Avoid the following 3 pitfalls that often cause projects to fail:

1) Insufficient/Faulty Preparation

A very common reason many construction projects fail is due to mistakes and errors made during project preparation. It stands to reason that the better your estimates are going into the project, the better your chances of project completion. Miscalculations, errors in specs and measurements, omissions and other errors result in inadequate materials, resources, and time.

2) Poor Leadership and Communication

Managing construction projects requires staying ahead of the game. Your leadership needs to anticipate and always be planning for the next phase so when the time arrives, you’re ready. You also have to build in allowances and buffers for unanticipated delays due to weather, site approval, permit delays, and other government approvals .

Successful project completion depends heavily on good communication at every level. The right information needs to be delivered to the right person(s) at the right time, every time. Otherwise important messages may not be received resulting in costly delays.

3) Insufficient/Broken Tools and Equipment

Faulty tools and equipment is a common reason for construction project failure AND worker injuries and fatalities. The right tools make a huge difference both in productivity and safety. Consider investing in quality operations tools and hands-free tools to ensure worker safety and increase your overall productivity.

It’s also vital to maintain a proactive tool maintenance and repair schedule. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines provided with each new tool purchase to ensure the maximum life and functionality of all your tools. Regularly scheduled tool maintenance also alerts you when tools are failing or breaking and need repair or replacement.

Give Yourself the Best Chance for Success

There is a lot at stake when it comes to construction projects- a lot of money on the table and your reputation along with it. You can’t afford to let any project fail, especially when it’s avoidable. You also can’t afford worker injuries and fatalities. Use this guide to avoid the 3 most common reasons construction projects fail.

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