How a Striking Wrench Holder Can Prevent Hand Injuries 

How a Striking Wrench Holder Can Prevent Hand Injuries 

Worker safety is one of the most important issues in any industry, but it is especially paramount in industrial, mechanical, and warehouse environments. When you’re using a lot of tools and machinery, unfortunately, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. Having the right tools on hand is a great way to not only get work performed more efficiently but to also ensure worker safety.

4 Ways To Prevent Hand Injuries

If you’re involved with a company that uses a striking wrench, this can pose a danger if used improperly – or even simply because striking a wrench is dangerous. However, with the use of hands-free tools, such as a striking wrench holder, you can help prevent injury while making the job performed more seamless for employees.

A Hands-Free Striking Wrench Holder 

A wrench holder puts workers out of the “line of fire” as the holder is handling the wrench, and not the worker. This hands-free option makes an injury a lot less likely. When slugging a wrench, it’s common for it to fly out of the hands of the user, causing potential injury and damage to not only the worker but also to surrounding areas and people. A hands-free tool eliminates the possibility that a wrench will slip and hit other people or objects.

Streamlining the Work

Slugging or striking a wrench is ideally a two-person job, and it’s too much for one person to handle. Not only does this place two workers at danger because of potential injury, it also takes twice the manpower to complete a job that can be performed with only one worker. Using a wrench holder allows for just one person to work on the job. This not only keeps things safe but can also reduce labor costs.

Re-Indexing the Wrench

Without a Hammer Tight wrench retainer, you must completely remove the wrench to work on the next nut in the series. However, with this hands-free tool, there is enough clearance for you to simply pick up the wrench a little bit, and re-index it over to the next nut or project in the series. Again, this alleviates a lot of safety concerns, but it also makes the job easier for the worker. Not having to realign the wrench every time makes for faster completion and a safer workplace.

Easy to Use

As with many other hands-free tools, the wrench retainer is incredibly easy to use. You are able to use the wrench retainer either offset or straight, and you simply slide the hammer wrench over the nut. When you want to work on the next nut, you slide the tool over. Instead of having to screw down on the entire nut, you only need to connect to two or three threads to make the tool work.

Get Your Striking Wrench Holder With SMP Tools

Safety is one of our top priorities at Specialty Maintenance Products–that’s why we manufacture and sell tools with safety always in mind. Contact SMP Tools today to learn how our tools can help make your workplace more seamless and injury-free. We can also show you how to use each tool properly and efficiently so the job is done right, every time.

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