Prepare Your Employees For 2017 With 3 Easy Steps

Prepare Your Employees For 2017 With 3 Easy Steps

2017 has arrived and you now have a fresh start before you. Let this year be one of opportunity, innovation, and growth. Grow your business, seek new innovations, and welcome every opportunity. With safety concerns and the need for efficient productivity,  your new year’s business plan couldn’t be more vital. Consider these three goals to give your business the boost it needs in 2017.

Your 2017 Business Goals

From keeping safety in mind and using hands-free devices to saving time on required jobs, now is the best time to stay on top of new goals for your business and employees. As you start creating a business plan for 2017, consider the following:

1. Make Safety A Priority

Safety in the workplace, regardless of what industrial company you’re involved with, is a major concern that should be a priority in 2017. Keeping not only your business area safe but most importantly your employees away from harm can be a difficult task sometimes. Luckily, there are several tools on the market that can dramatically help you keep this business goal in the new year.

  • Contact point pipe lifters – Allows workers to safely lift pipe systems at all contact points for maintenance and cleaning purposes.
  • Flange safety wedge – Using this safety wedge versus other traditional wedges for spreading flanges will prevent workers from being injured if the wedge were to slip out.
  • Rod out tool – Prevents chemical exposure, spills, and fires when cleaning bleed valves.

2. Go Hands-Free  

The more hands-free tools your employees use, the less likely hand injuries will occur. Another way to maintain your safety plan is by investing in high-quality hands-free devices. Consider using some of these tools that will keep workers’ hands and fingers out of danger.

3. Save Time On Big Projects   

Time is money. If you’re spending hours doing a job that could take only minutes to complete, you’re losing money! The more projects your team can complete, the more money your business will bring in. There are many efficient tools that can cut project times in half while still maintaining safety and quality. Some of these time-saving tools include:

  • Power Wrench portable valve actuator – Within minutes, turn any valve hand wheel with the ease of automatic actuation and the portability of a hand tool.
  • Portable davit system – Remove manways without the use of a crane. It’s portable, safe, and dramatically cuts down a job’s time.

Start the Year Prepared

As you set your business goals for 2017, make sure you start the year strong. Keeping safety in mind, using hands-free tools, and saving time on big jobs, is a great way to begin.

Preparing now for what  2017 has in store and developing an achievable strategy will position you for a successful new year! SMP Tools is here to help you make the most of your new year’s goals. Contact Us today for help with your industrial tool needs–we deliver nationwide with extended shipping times for your convenience.

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