The Pop-IT Flange Spreader: Giving You Versatility in the Workplace

The Pop-IT Flange Spreader: Giving You Versatility in the Workplace

You’re always looking for ways to increase productivity and cut costs while keeping an eye on quality. Whatever the trade, everyone knows the right tools in the hands of the right person makes all of the difference. As it turns out, choosing quality tools that provide maximum versatility is one way you may be able to cut costs while increasing productivity and quality. Consider the benefits of the Pop-It Flange Spreader series.

3 Ways the Pop-It Flange Spreader Impacts Production

The Pop-It Flange Spreader provides the versatility you need.

  • It’s ideal for both flange spreading and equipment lifting, including heavy equipment.
  • It takes the place of a hammer and wedge.
  • It has a multitude of applications including gasket replacement, blinding, drive shimming, valve service and more.

Further Versatility

The Pop-It Flange Spreader is durable, delivers more than sufficient force, and comes in two easy-to-use sizes. The Pop-It P95-525 which can spread or lift 10,000 lbs up to 5.5 inches, and the Pop-It PHD0535 which is designed for spreading much larger and more rigid flanges, spreading or lifting up to 30,000 lbs up to 5.25 inches or 20,000 lbs up to 8.5 inches.

You will be well-equipped for every job with these two Pop-It tools, which are gaining popularity in many different industries from an emergency rescue to oil and gas, power generating, and petrochemical.

Better Tools. Better Output.

It may be time to give your set of tools an upgrade. Take advantage of the latest technological advancements and innovations in industrial tools. Choose versatility in your toolset so you can increase production, cut your costs, and increase the quality of your output.
SMP Tools specializes in “Best Practice” industrial tools designed for maximum safety and efficiency. We have tools for flange spreading, flange alignment, hands-free tools, operations tools and turnaround tools. For more information on the Pop-It Flange Spreaders or other products, Contact Us today.

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