Pipe Lifting Devices: What’s The Advantage of A Portable Tool?

Pipe Lifting Devices: What’s The Advantage of A Portable Tool?

NASA uses gigantic pipe lifting devices that help aeronautics technicians lift and place beams that weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds safely. That same technology helps to make pipe repairs and installation more efficient, safer, and faster for other industries that use piping.

Contact Point Pipe Lifters are Game Changers

Among pipe lifting devices, contact point pipe lifters are changing the game for builders and pipe layers everywhere. It only takes two people to use and can lift and move up to two and a half tons of piping up to 14” in diameter. Here are 5 other advantages of portable pipe lifting devices over traditional crane and rigging in the rack:

1. Better Lifting at All Points of Contact

With a crane, sometimes you have to rent two or three and trying to even out the platform is time-consuming, extremely difficult to do, and it can be very dangerous. The BobbyJack Pipe Lifter is perfect for pipe maintenance, especially if you are working with a limited crew.

The BobbyJack keeps the pipe level at all points and makes lifting easier so that you can paint, sandblast, or do repair and maintenance work on piping.

2. Lightweight and Portable

Contact Point Pipe Lifters can lift thousands of pounds but the best thing about these pipe lifting devices is that they are both lightweight and portable. The Pipe Rack Jack for instance only weighs between 40 and 55 pounds and can hold up to two and a half tons. The BobbyJack can hold up to 6 tons of weight but only weighs 54 pounds. BobbyJack Pipe Lifters can also be customized to fit the style of I-beam or pipe that you need.

3. Cheaper and Safer than Crane and Rigging

Using a crane for pipe repair and maintenance can be very expensive. Worse, it takes a lot of time to get the angles right to safely lift and move large beams and pipes weighing thousands of pounds. Alternative pipe lifting tools give you more control than crane and rigging—and, the hydraulic pipe lifter securely locks in to make your project safer.

4. Pipe Rack Jack only takes One Minute to Install

No need to build expensive scaffolding when using the Pipe Rack Jack. Whether you work midstream on underwater pipelines, an oil refinery, or in the petrochemical industry, these specialty tools install in less than a minute. Everyday operations are made much more efficient and your annual and quarterly inspections are much easier to do using SMP Tools pipe lifting devices.

5. For Purchase or For Rent

Perhaps you’ve taken on a special job that pays well but requires the use of big heavy-duty tools that you don’t have on hand. You can find lifting devices and accessories for purchase or rent, depending on your company’s specific needs.

Contact Specialty Maintenance Products

Don’t miss out on a bid due to lack of adequate and cost-effective equipment. Specialty Maintenance Products’ portable pipe lifting devices makes pipe maintenance easy so you can focus on other areas of your business. Want to learn more about how to use our contact point pipe lifters? Contact us  today—our experienced team is well-versed on the functions, technology, and safety behind every tool.

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