A Better Solution for Torquing and Bolting Work

A Better Solution for Torquing and Bolting Work

Preventing worker injury is always important, but it’s vital when working with heavy machinery and industrial tools. Injuries often occur when workers’ hands are in the line of fire. This is especially true in torquing and bolting work. The amount force being applied creates a potential for serious injury when tools slip.

Your Torquing and Bolting Solution: SMP Tube Handle Wrench

Without your workers, your business operations would be impossible. Protecting them from injury not only communicates support and care for them, it also protects your bottom line. Consider the following 3 benefits for using the SMP Tube Handle Wrench.

1) Replace striking wrenches.

It’s common for striking wrenches to slip or fly out of the hands when being hit. This often results in injury to the user and others around and damage to equipment and materials. Using the Tube Handle Wrench eliminates the need for striking wrenches.  

2) Remove hands from the line of fire.

This effectively removes your workers’ hands from the line of fire, reducing their risk for injury. It not only protects them from being injured, but it also increases productivity. The more you remove the need to worry about injury, the more effective and efficient your workforce will be. Consider using hands-free tools whenever you can.

3) Prevent recordable injuries.

Of course, reducing the chance for injury by removing your workers’ hands from the line of fire also prevents the chance for recordable injuries. Not only are you protecting your workers’ hands, you’re also protecting your company from needless insurance claims, paperwork, and headache. Not only that, but you’re saving your company money you’d have to payout in claims.

Versatile and Effective

The SMP Tube Handle Wrench comes in sizes ranging from 1 1/16” through 3 1/8”. Extender handles are also available to give you better leverage when torquing and bolting. Tube Handle wrenches from SMP are ideal for when striking wrenches aren’t usable and a cheater bar is inappropriate. The handles are held in place by a spring-loaded locking button. The 12-point wrench head is offset to provide you with extra turning clearance.

The SMP Advantage

SMP Tools specializes in industrial tools that improve worker safety, efficiency, and productivity. We also provide employee training and demonstrations on proper tool use and tool safety. Keep your workers safe and productive. Make the SMP Tube Handle Wrench your go-to solution for all torquing and bolting work.

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