7 Tips for Safe Use of Wrenches

7 Tips for Safe Use of Wrenches

Workplace safety is always priority #1. Using wrenches exposes the worker’s hands to the risk of serious injury and even more if not used properly. Use this guide to make sure your workers staying safe when working with wrenches.

Safe Use of Wrenches: A Guide

Due to the high amount of torque needed when using wrenches in industrial settings, hand injuries are common. Follow these safety tips to prevent hand injuries when using wrenches.

1) Only use quality wrenches.

Good wrenches will not only last you longer, but will not slip as easily as cheaper ones. They will save you money over the long haul and provide you better use and safety.

2) Match your wrench size to the job.

You will achieve the best leverage when your wrench size and length is appropriate for your job. Make sure you achieve complete contact and know which way it needs to be turned before turning.

3) Always pull, never push.

Position your body so that you are pulling to turn the wrench instead of pushing. This will save your knuckles when the wrench slips.

4) Keep wrenches clean.

Make sure your wrenches are always clean and dry before using. Make sure they are free from oil to avoid serious injury from slipping.

5) Never strike a wrench with a hammer.

You will risk damaging your wrench if you hit it with a hammer for more power unless it is specifically designed to be hit. Find another way to loosen it.

6) Do not attempt to add leverage with other objects.

Adding leverage by extending the length of your wrench with a pipe or other object may seem like a smart technique. However, you risk bending your wrench handle or damaging the head. You also risk the pipe or other object slipping and causing serious injury to you or someone else. Instead, use a longer wrench.

7) Never use a damaged wrench.

If a wrench handle or jaws are bent, it is weakened and shouldn’t be used. Also, do not try to bend it back into shape as this will only weaken it further.

A Safer Alternative

A better way to remove worry from wrench use and prevent injury is by using SMP’s Tube Handle Wrench and other hands-free tools. Our Tube Handle Wrench is designed for use in place of striking wrenches with your safety in mind. Worker’s hands are kept out of the line of fire to prevent common hand injuries. You can achieve the extra leverage you need without exposing you and others to risk of serious injury.

The Right Tool for the Job

Workplace hand injuries due to the use of wrenches are common. Use this guide to make sure your worksite is as safe as possible. Specialty Maintenance Products is your resource for industrial tools and tool safety. We offer employee education and tool use demonstrations. Contact Us for more information on our Tube Handle Wrench and other hands-free tools.

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